It is my pleasure to recommend Daniel Chen. I worked with Daniel in my capacity as Director of Photography Operations at Lands’ End. We worked together on various projects for which Dan was responsible for the creative vision. Daniel distinguished himself with consistently creative ideas, boundless energy, and a willingness to partner with and listen to others.
— Salo Shulman, Director, Photography Operations, Lands' End reported to Daniel Chen at Lands' End
Daniel’s passion for his work was always his primary driving force. His ability to push the people around him to achieve their best always ended in a union of great ideas and a solid result. A true artist Daniel uses his artistic vision in combination with the talents of the people around him to achieve a well balanced result that always satisfied his clients.
— Adam Sherwin, Operations Manager-Lead Tech, Metal Group Digital worked for Daniel Chen at Lands' End
Dan is an energetic creative with flair. He brings great enthusiasm and unique ideas to every project. His creative thinking is spontaneous and on brand. He’s a risk taker that delivers. His ideas push projects to the next level. He knows how to keep a brand current without damaging its integrity. He is a thoughtful team player that constructs highly creative teams to produce real results. I look forward to working with Dan on projects in the future.
— Suanne Delaney, Freelance Art Director, Lands' End, reported to Daniel
Daniel Chen has an amazing eye for fashion and design. He is very creative and pushes the envelope to great lengths. I was fortunate to work with Daniel and see his creativity at work. He brings a lot of passion and a great attitude to the work environment that makes him a pleasure to work with.
— Samantha Tannehill Model at Next Model Management / Samantha worked directly with Daniel at Lands' End
Dan is a star who not only is a superb creative but knows how to cultivate talent as well. He was a pleasure to work with and is someone I hope to collaborate with again. In his role as Design Director of Elegant Bride, we worked closely together to make it a modern, intelligent magazine which, after 3 issues, was nominated by ASME for a national magazine award-the first bridal magazine ever to be given this honor. Although I hired him for his beautiful typography, I soon learned his overall approach to working with a team was truly his greatest asset. As I said, Dan is a star.
— Deborah Moses President/Creative Director, Moses Media, Inc. / Deborah managed Daniel at Elegant Bride Magazine
Dan was a great mentor, incredible designer and always such a true professional. I really enjoyed working with him on Elegant Bride and truly hope I have an opportunity again to work with him in the future. His talent for type is some of the best I have come across and his taste level is exceptional. What also is great about Dan is he has so much enthusiasm for his work- everyone around him strives to do the best they can to make the creative as beautiful as he does.
— Judy Anekal Group Director, Creative Services at Tiffany & Company / Judy reported to Daniel at Elegant Bride Magazine
As art director of Daniel Chen, he is an extraordinary young man. I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. Chen and I have worked closely in the art department of Moses Media Inc for nearly 3 years, during which time Chen has been responsible for the creative production on hundreds of projects. Chen provides excellent, consistent design and production work for packaging and print media. He brought to us valuable graphical and design capabilities. Chen has outstanding organizational skills. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. As part of Elegant Bride project, he developed with new art direction. Chen not only headed the project, he ensured its success by demonstrating leadership abilities that his co-worker both admired and respected. I believe Chen would be an asset to any organization, and he has my strong recommendation.
— Icarus Leung Art Director at Moses Media / Icarus reported to Daniel at Elegant Bride Magazine
I’ve worked with Dan over the past couple of years. He’s is very talented designer and creative director. He’s played a big part in elevating the HSN brand and working that brand message into our cross functional departments which include digital, network graphics and print advertising. From our Holiday campaigns to our Spring and Fall fashion campaigns, Dan’s design direction has been spot on. You should take the time to see review his portfolio.
— Phillip Bennett Sr. Creative Director OVP Brand Development at HSN / November 16, 2014, Phillip managed Daniel at HSN
I’ve worked with Dan during the past 2+ years. Dan immerses himself in the creative process. He is open-minded and presents visual communication in innovative ways. Dan works collaboratively when possible and invites other ideas and opinions in a respectful/constructive manner. Dan’s skills as an associate creative director have contributed greatly to the HSN creative department.
— DeAnn Mann Senior Art Director at Belk / August 12, 2013, DeAnn worked directly with Daniel at HSN
I have had the privilege of working with Daniel Chen on a photo shoot within the past year, his is brilliantly creative in his ability to not only style out a shoot, but his ability to Direct and bring out the best in the talent who he works with is creatively refreshing. From set design, wardrobe direction, his unique creative perspective is so refreshing. Daniel Chen brings a great deal of experience to HSN with from his industry experience and is also a pleasure to work with at HSN.
— Bill Green National Television Show Host & Broadcast Professional, HSN / May 19, 2012, Bill worked with Daniel at HSN
Dan is warm, nurturing and a smooth communicator with the editors. He boosted my confidence about my abilities and was great to collaborate with. His layouts were always graphically strong and clean. In retrospect, I really learned a lot from him
— Denise See, Associate Art Director, Jane Magazine, reported to Daniel at Jane Magazine
Daniel was great to work with. He challenged the creative process, and pushed new concepts. He has a strong artistic mind, and I learned a lot having him as a Art Director.
— Jacqueline Munz, Designer, Jane Magazine, reported to Daniel at Jane Magazine.
Daniel brings a great deal of passion and fresh thinking to brands. He is conceptual, current, and strategic. During the brief period of time he was at Garage he oversaw huge programs that included logo development, marketing, photography, design and web media. He’s a pleasure to work with and brings much to the table. On a personal level, he is a kind soul and cares greatly about his co-workers, clients and for those who work for him.
— Denzil Strickland, President, Garage Branding (Colleague)
March 28, 2011 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Daniel Chen for the position of Senior Creative Director. I met Daniel last summer when we hired him as Vice President, Creative Director at our Agency, Garage Branding, in Winston Salem, NC. Under his supervision, he elevated our creative product and worked seamlessly internally and with all clients. Daniel thoughtfully guided our work on multiple consumer touch points, including packaging, web design, online advertising, point-of-sale, retailer presentations and collateral. Daniel is a unique blend of smart, strategic thinking and creative talent. He has wonderful taste and runs a photo shoot with a discerning eye and unlimited energy. He also has a terrific skill for identifying and developing young talent. The staff he personally built to support him developed an enjoyable relationship with Dan and with each other. On a personal level, Daniel is a kind, caring friend to all and brings a productive element of fun to every challenge. He developed good relationship with all of our clients through his confidence and authentic sense of partnership. I am convinced that Daniel will be a great asset to your company as he has been to ours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information.
— Chris D. Carlson, Executive Vice President, Account Management
Daniel is one of the most creative and passionate people I have worked with. Daniel always brings new fresh ideas to the table and new ways of solving problems. He has a particular eye for detail, even down the smallest components. He strives for perfection and is just a pleasure to work with. You can’t help but to appreciate working beside him on an everyday basis.
— Jason Troxier, Web Design/Master, Garage Branding reported to Daniel
In my over 12 year career as a designer I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most distinguished leaders in the field. Of them, Mr. Chen has proven himself to be an asset to any effort that requires stellar thinking and clean, clear execution. It’s been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer of this caliber over the years and above all... to have true friend.
— Jeff Klein, President, One Hero Creative
I would recommend Daniel to any company or group. He’s sense of creativeness is amazing. I wish I would have worked under him, I would have learned so much from him. He is a strong, creative director, great sense of design and he is amazing at photo directing. He’s very dependable, easy to work with, great leader, someone who can motivate and shape a staff.
— Jose Fernandez Deputy Art Director at Oprah Magazine / Jose worked with Daniel at Daniel Chen Creative
After discussing the idea with Daniel, he created our logo for SONOS. To this day, it still gets rave compliments, and is widely recognized. Daniel is professional and creative —- TOP NOTCH.
— Erik Ochsner Orchestra Conductor; Music Director / Erik was Daniel's client
I worked with Daniel on two special projects that each required their own branding and style sheet. On both occasions, Daniel delivered. He was pure pleasure to work with. His taste level and design values are very strong and very current; he has such an easygoing personality and he is truly invested in the quality of every assignment. A class act.
— Angelo Ragaza Writer, Editor was Daniel's client on ELEMENT Magazine
Dan came into my company during the early phase explosion of digital media. Socio X hired Dan because he had been classically trained as an artist, had stylish taste and more importantly he had design intelligence. He was able to transform problems conceptually with solutions that used typography in a manner that would bring ‘sound’ to the eyes. Like a composer, his work had harmony, a nice mix of instruments and was always ‘ in the right key.’ As a team member he was valued for his ability to work exceptionally well with others while expressing his vision. The ‘hothouse’ of Socio X benefited positively from his commitment to the integrity of the team as a whole.
— April 20, 2016, Bridget managed Daniel at Socio X Agency
Dan is one of the most creative, innovative, talented people I have ever worked with. He is nurturing to his team and has a constant interest in their growth and development while pushing them to be better designers, creative thinkers, and productive creators. He has an appreciation for all types of design which he brings to each and every project like it is his first. Dan is detail-oriented, deliberate, and thoughtful. He is fun, fair, and kind. I truly miss working with him and hope that one day we will reunite!
— Megan Henry Senior Art Director at Ascena Retail Group / Megan reported to Daniel at Meredith, Child Magazine
As Creative Director of Child magazine, Dan created beautiful pages that won numerous awards for photography and design. He has a great eye for new talent, a terrific artistic sensibility, and is a good problem solver. He was extremely collaborative and worked well with the entire staff as well as with photographers and stylists on photo shoots.
— Miriam Arond Director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute / Miriam managed Daniel at Meredith, Child Magazine
As the former Fashion Director of Child Magazine, Daniel was one of the most creative and hard working people I have ever worked with...he was truly an inspiration for all of us.
— Gay Empson Fashion Consultant at Parenting Group / Gay worked directly with Daniel at Meredith, Child Magazine
Daniel is an amazing tasteful Art Director, very professional and very focus on details and the whole picture. I highly recommend Daniel.
— Philippe Achard at Achard & Associates / Philippe was a consultant or contractor to Daniel at Meredith, Child Magazine